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    Dish SD Plus Connection - MARATHI

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    Dish TV SD Plus Connection - 1 month super Family Marathi Pack Free
    INR 1490 INR 2290
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    1-One Month Super Family Marathi Pack Free.

    4-Unlimited free recording for life time
    5-1 year full warranty in connection .

    6-All the equipments like dish antenna Lnbf cable set top box will be in the connection with one month free subscription.

    DTH seva in india best price/ best service/ best quality book now
    it is a new dish tv connection there is a great scheme for limited time.

    . 340+ Channels & Services: DishTV offers 340+ channels & services across various genres to suit your entertainment needs. Post the consumption of 1 month free viewing of Super Family pack, pick a pack to suit your entertainment needs best and top it up with regional and other add-on packs. 3. Digital Picture Quality & Stereophonic Sound: Watch every detail in digital picture clarity

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